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Five security tips October 17, 2008

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father and daughterI was recently asked by a business partner to respond to the question – what would be the top five security tips I would tell a computer user. Here is it is… (more…)


Disneyland Website October 3, 2008

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Okay, so here is another project that I’ve been working on for the past long while, and it’s just about time I pick it up again and redevelop it. Currently is doesn’t have any content except a link to my disney blog.

www.dlig.org and the blog at www.dlig.org/blog


The power of compound interest October 1, 2008

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As we evaluate the collapse of the mortgage market, we see the power of compound interest, and what happens when the interest rate increases. However, recently while at the bank, I made a transfer into our son’s Coverdel Savings Account. Check this out. We have both a regular savings account, 3.02% APR, and a Coverdel Savings Account on a 2-year CD @ 5.02%. If we left his current balance at $500 and never changed it (and presuming the interest rates stay the same), over the next 20 years, before he is ready for college, the same $500 will grow to $910 and $1356 respectively. So, you can see that the simple difference of 2% yields a double rate of return. $410 growth, versus $856! (more…)