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Five security tips October 17, 2008

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father and daughterI was recently asked by a business partner to respond to the question – what would be the top five security tips I would tell a computer user. Here is it is…

I tell them to think about how they think about personal security when it comes to their teenage daughter and letting people into your house… the rest comes natural:
1) More assult happens by someone you know – not a stranger. (don’t be causual about security: never give our password, sensitive information)
2) Don’t open the door for stranger (e.g. mail spam, etc.)
3) Don’t let strangers people know where you live
4) Your parents know where you live and have a key (don’t give IT / Manager your password!)
5) Don’t leave your key under the door mat, in the potted plant or anywhere remotely near the door! (Just like leaving your password under your keyboard, on the monitor, etc)