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1 in 12 million! November 12, 2008

Filed under: Everything — Jason Olson @ 5:00 pm

Worried at ComputerHave you ever wondered if all that spam you receive (or perhaps block/filter/etc) really works? Well a recent study performed by UC Berkeley was reported over at Young Entrepreneur discovered that the average response from spam is about one valid response for every 12.5 million e-mails sent. And while that sounds like a horrible rate of return, consider this. One of the largest hacker networks, Storm, contains a list of a million-million (1,000,000 million) e-mail addresses. On the this scale, along with the system capacity, we can see that sales can reach $7,000 per day, or $3.5 million per year. And that, my friends, is why spam continues.

Now on to the follow-on question: I wonder how many of those transactions are using legitimate credit cards?