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Yaks Coffee: $0.25 Italian Sodas! March 25, 2009

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yakspanI’m a big fan of Yaks Coffee in Redding, Ca. Here is a recent e-mail blast from them…

Watch Out! Don’t worry about what is happening at Yaks Downtown, 1715 South Street… Tomorrow Thursday March 26, 2009 from 9:30am – 10:30am all of our Italian Sodas will be only $0.25! Come and start off spring time with our fun homemade gourmet italian soda syrups… we have all kinds of fun fruity and none fruity flavors to choose from! 


Keep your eyes peeled for whats happening for lunch Friday!!


Kim Brown 

Downtown Store Manager

Redding, California


Marking a new beginning March 23, 2009

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earmarksThis one just shocked me, and I haven’t had the moment to comment on it. When President Obama commented about the latest economic stimulus package with over 8,000 earmarks, he stated:

“This piece of legislation must mark an end to the old way of doing business”

Now what really gets be about this is that typically you “mark an end” to something by change. Otherwise it’s just empty words and more promises. It would be something to slash 8000 earmarks to only 800, and call that “an end” – a turning point. But how can you consider more of the same “an end”???

Now, I truly wish the President all the best in the future with ending the “old way of doing business”. But I simply cannot believe that his professional speech writers don’t understand the logical fallacy of this statement.

Now it could be an honest mistake, or perhaps an impromptu ad-lib by the President “in the moment” — but I really hope this wasn’t actually written into the speech.

What do you think? Do you mark the “END” of something with change, or with more of the same?


A virtual weekend March 20, 2009

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virtualOne of the things I’ve got planned for this weekend is to loadup one of my test servers, a Dell Power Edge 1600 with VMWare’s ESXi server, along with my other Dell Power Edge 1500 (similar  specs) with XenServer to see how they both perform. I’ve got an older SnapAppliance to act as the iSCSI target for disk storage. I only wish I had an MD3000.


Yaks Coffee: 50% drinks for Friday! March 19, 2009

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yakspanI’m a big fan of Yaks Coffee in Redding, Ca. Here is a recent e-mail blast from them…

Wow, first off I want to say from all of us here at yaks downtown… we think all of you are so great! We love getting to see all of you every week! And then…

Over here at 1715 South Street, Yaks Koffee Shop Downtown (a.k.a. your favorite place in the world!) from 9:00am-10:00am Tomorrow Friday March 20, 2009, all of our amazing DRINKS will be Half OFF their original price! The craziness is still going on down here and we are rockin’ and rollin’ with it, so join in on the excitement!

Kim Brown
Downtown Store Manager


Federal Paperwork Reduction Act March 18, 2009

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file stackWhile I understand that the principle behind the paperwork reduction act, I wish it would actually reduce paper. There are still too many forms which need to be printed out (even though you can fill them out as Acrobat PDF Forms) and then mailed to the federal agency. Better still is that the last page of just about every form is a paperwork reduction act notice – so we’re spending a whole page of paper to tell us how they’re reducing paperwork — perhaps they can find a way to actually reduce the paper itself. 🙂


Yaks Coffee: $3 Quiches

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yakspanI’m a big fan of Yaks Coffee in Redding, Ca. Here is a recent e-mail blast from them…

Don’t worry everybody, we haven’t stopped going crazy over here at the Downtown Yaks! Tomorrow March 19, 2009 at our downtown location, 1715 South Street, Redding, CA… ALL of our Quiches will be $3.00! We have 2 kinds quiches; Lorraine, Savory Ham and Bacon, and Garden Veggie Quiche, with a medley of fresh veggies! we normally price them at $5.99…. so pretty much you don’t want to miss out on this amazing special… you never know when the next one will be!?!
Thank you to all of you who came to out Green Eggs and Ham special last Saturday, we had over 500 people come and hang out with us and the Cat in the Hat!
… Also, thank you for having being easy on me, I am not the most efficient emailer… I always try to “Bcc” the contacts, and I forgot last time. My apologies, I respect all of your privacy, so thank you so much for bearing with me and my technical difficulties!
Kim Brown
Downtown Store Manager
1715 South Street
Redding, California


Losses March 16, 2009

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Stock market successI overheard two people speaking at Burger King yesterday talking about their attempts to dive into the stock market a few years back. Recently they’ve been observing their paper losses increase, day over day. And finally, two weeks prior they decided to “cut their losses” and pull out of the market.

Now I don’t know either of these two people, nor what they were investing in. But one thing appeared clear to me from their talk – they didn’t know the difference between a paper loss and a realized loss.

One stock I’ve held for years now is in the Walt Disney Company, and I’ve ridden it up and down from $7/share up to $38/share – all within the last two years. Now, I’m no wall street expert, but I am pretty certain that if I cashed in my stock right now I would realize the loss on the value of these stocks. However, I am certain that the value will go up, infact it has over the last couple of days alone. So, not that I know what tomorrow will bring – but I’m fairly confident that the economic indicators are in place to ensure that this company’s per share value will increase – so why would I want to sell now?

The funny lesson we learned while we were young was buy low, sell high — but somehow our emotions get in the way, and we get this all fuddled. We buy high and sell low.

A nice deep breath of prospective is always a good idea before you take a market move. And also, always have an investment adviser, not just your eTrade electronic, virtual adviser.