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Marking a new beginning March 23, 2009

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earmarksThis one just shocked me, and I haven’t had the moment to comment on it. When President Obama commented about the latest economic stimulus package with over 8,000 earmarks, he stated:

“This piece of legislation must mark an end to the old way of doing business”

Now what really gets be about this is that typically you “mark an end” to something by change. Otherwise it’s just empty words and more promises. It would be something to slash 8000 earmarks to only 800, and call that “an end” – a turning point. But how can you consider more of the same “an end”???

Now, I truly wish the President all the best in the future with ending the “old way of doing business”. But I simply cannot believe that his professional speech writers don’t understand the logical fallacy of this statement.

Now it could be an honest mistake, or perhaps an impromptu ad-lib by the President “in the moment” — but I really hope this wasn’t actually written into the speech.

What do you think? Do you mark the “END” of something with change, or with more of the same?