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Alabaster House – Bethel Church, Redding April 15, 2009

alabaster-house-1Okay, so after being in Redding for a couple of months now, I finally made the time to visit the Alabaster House at Bethel Church in Redding. It was an amazing time simply soaking in the presence of the Lord. I’ve told my brother for years it was said when the church had to start locking up at night. Well this prayer house is open 24/7 for anyone to come and pray, meditate and seek/soak the presence of the Lord.

Beyond simply being a place to pray, they have worship music going on in the background, that you can either listen to, plus it add a great noise distractor to prevent you from hearing a pin-drop that might distract you when someone else stands up or moved about. It serves an excellent spiritual element, but also a very practical element as well.

Then there is the world map, a globe of water in the middle, many flags of the nation and several binders of prophesy and artwork.

I’m not exactly prone to be one who gets a very big spiritual high, and that might contribute to why I don’t ever remember having much of a spiritual low… But sometimes I am a bit jealous of those who simply are in the presence of the Lord and are virtually on fire, and jumping up and down and all that jazz… For me, it was an amazing, wonderful, powerful time with the Lord. An hour went by like 15 minutes and I walked out full of the spirit, but on the outside, you might not tell the difference between when I went in and later came out. But my spirit was renewed and energized. Just not externally I guess.

In any event, I recommend that whatever your spiritual background or where you are in your spiritual journey — come check this place out. Looking for more of God, or perhaps trying to find him in the first place? He is looking for you, and waiting… Come join with Him! It may not be in the way you were expecting, you might not have an emotional experience (or you might), but if you look for him, he will not hide himself. Do you have to find him at Bethel? No… But can you, yes.


Updated information 2013:

I came back to edit this page because it is (coincidentally) one of the highest Google search results for Alabaster House Bethel, so I wanted to provide more information that would be helpful to people:

  • First, you can find more information at ibethel.org which is the primary website for the church and the Bethel Movement.
  • Second, I am a professional vacation planner, and would be happy to help you make travel arrangements to Redding with flight, hotel and whatever other accommodations you need. As a local resource, you will receive more resources and information than you would from simply booking online, by yourself. Best of all, my services are fee free, you will pay the same, or typically less than you do if you book yourself. You can contact me atjolson@cruiseholidays.com or www.CruiseRedding.com or visit my travel blog at www.ReddingTravelPro.com. If you are already in town, you can stop by our offices at 1890 Park Marina Dr, Redding, CA. 530-244-7447 – we’d love to host you and provide you more information about the area.
  • Third, if you are a staff pastor, beyond travel assistance, we have a network of individuals who would love to bless you with accommodations for your visit. So please, let me know. Space is very limited, particularly around conferences, but we would love to bless those of you who bless others.

Windows 7: Part 2 April 7, 2009

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win7Okay, so I’ve been running two laptops side-by-side for a while now, both are Dell Latitude D820 with identical specs:

  • Genuine Intel T2500 2.00GHz Processor
  • 1GB Memory, system managed page file
  • 70GB, 5400RPM SATA Hard drive

On one system I have my Windows Vista Ultimate, and the other is Windows 7 Ultimate. Both systems are running the same software and configuration – standard Microsoft and Dell applications, plus Microsoft Office 2007, and Adobe Acrobat 8, Adobe Photoshop CS, and CuteHTML.

From an overall performance, Windows 7 appears twice as fast. This is from an approximate end-user-experience, not looking specifically at any technical measurements or seeing what is going on behind the scenes. Startup, shutdown and general Explorer navigation is much faster under Windows 7.

One thing I tried was that I noticed memory was on a blowout sale by Kingston for this laptop and upgraded the Vista system with 2x 2GB memory modules, bringing the system memory up to 4GB. Even with this increased memory, the Vista machines still drags behind the Windows 7 machine.

So while this is only experienced based, it does appear that Windows 7 has resolved many of the performance bottlenecks of Vista.


Conficter Worm – information you can use April 1, 2009

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There has been a lot of media hype over the last couple of days regarding a worm called Conficker which is supposedly going to create mass havoc on April 1. We have received several calls from concern clients regarding this and I wanted to provide an authoritative source of information you, our valued clients. I have been disturbed by the way the national media has reported on this worm as they provided background information, but do not answer your basic question… what do I do now? (more…)