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Windows 7: Part 2 April 7, 2009

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win7Okay, so I’ve been running two laptops side-by-side for a while now, both are Dell Latitude D820 with identical specs:

  • Genuine Intel T2500 2.00GHz Processor
  • 1GB Memory, system managed page file
  • 70GB, 5400RPM SATA Hard drive

On one system I have my Windows Vista Ultimate, and the other is Windows 7 Ultimate. Both systems are running the same software and configuration – standard Microsoft and Dell applications, plus Microsoft Office 2007, and Adobe Acrobat 8, Adobe Photoshop CS, and CuteHTML.

From an overall performance, Windows 7 appears twice as fast. This is from an approximate end-user-experience, not looking specifically at any technical measurements or seeing what is going on behind the scenes. Startup, shutdown and general Explorer navigation is much faster under Windows 7.

One thing I tried was that I noticed memory was on a blowout sale by Kingston for this laptop and upgraded the Vista system with 2x 2GB memory modules, bringing the system memory up to 4GB. Even with this increased memory, the Vista machines still drags behind the Windows 7 machine.

So while this is only experienced based, it does appear that Windows 7 has resolved many of the performance bottlenecks of Vista.