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Push ups – Day two May 20, 2009

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Pushups On The BeachLast night’s sleep was a little funny. Went to bed a little on the late side, and then work up about 5:20 feeling rested, but I forced myself back to sleep until the alarm goes off at 6:30. Slept a little past that and then stretched a bit before jumping into the routine. I’m feeling a healthy bit sore. Good thing the rests are 90 seconds (up from 60 seconds). Unfortunately it looks like the pushup logger website is down at the moment.

After the standard, tiered 5-sets, my max reps was: 30 – woohoo!

Ooh, I need to remember to wait until I’m a bit better hydrated in the morning, and take small sips during each rest. Now off to get ready for the office.