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Push ups – Day three May 22, 2009

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Pushups On The BeachWeek one finished great! I’ve very excited in the progress I am seeing, along with the strength difference I notice already. Today’s first set definately felt great, and they seems to be better formed. I’m not sure when to do the progress test, perhaps Saturday evening. That will give almost a day rest on either end of the test before the next set next week.

The program is designed so that anyone can start and move towards a realistic goal for them. Even if you cannot manage a full traditional program, they have strength building routines and forums so that you will eventually be able to perform traditional, well formed push ups.

Today, max reps (with 2 minute breaks between sets) is: 30

Much harder to push throughout to the 30 today compared to Wednesday, however my overall total push ups increased by 7. Woo hoo..