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Push Ups – Day 5 May 27, 2009

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Pushups On The BeachOkay, after my shoulder problem on Monday, I woke up  with some more intense stretch, and could still feel the shoulder a little bit – but I decided to push through and see how it goes. I also wanted to try to pickup where I should be, instead of where I left off.

I pulled out the chart: 20-25-15-15->25, oh boy! So I was able to do the first set with slight pain but was able to push through. The second set was a bit of a workout, and the following two sets of 15 was able as much as I could comfortably do. But the last set called for at least 25. So I tried to keep stepping it up from prior weeks, and set 35 as my goal. A bit ambitious since I almost skipped Monday and am still in slight pain and pretty exhausted. But again, I am glad that I pushed through and was barely able to complete the 35. Woo hoo! I feel great, but exhausted. Oh and did I mentioned that I’m pretty tired?