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Push Ups – Day 6 May 29, 2009

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Pushups On The BeachAnother great week. Still getting over my shoulder and now a sinus infection – but I’m glad to be pushing through. I’ ve also made a couple of other changes to my routine: (1) I’ve also decided to start doing stretches and wall pushups on my off days – hoping that will help with the soreness; (2) I’m getting up 20 minutes earlier to do my “God time” with an electronic Bible and a glass of water – because it’s probably a better time for me to be alone with God, and because it helps me wake up and hydrate for the pushups.

Today I totalled: 122 pushups; with a max of: 30 (eh I’ve done better)

Whew, great workout, not sure why I couldn’t push through 30 today, but I know I gave it everything without hurting myself. 🙂 Off to a two day weekend, and back on the routine on Monday. Looking for at least 38 next week!