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Push Ups – Day 8 June 3, 2009

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Pushups On The BeachFeeling stronger today – got up a bit earlier and ready for the day. Yet we were up late last night, still working on Mathias’ room make-over. Last night we got the waves painted, and the plane crazy mickey cut out of masonite, after Jaimie drew it using chalk. It also got a coat of primer before primary painting begins today. But I digress – I was up until just after midnight, so I got a little less sleep than usual.

On thing that does seem to be affecting me a bit is the sinus problem, which has blocked most of my nose breathing. So, it’s just mouth breathing for now, which doesn’t feel quite right, comfortable, or just plain enough oxygen. hmmm

Today I totaled: 144 push ups; with a max of: 40

Woo hoo – I hit the 40 max goal!!! View the log here: link