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Glue… I need glue…. you’re gonna need lots of glue! November 11, 2010

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So Jaimie and I both received a call from Mathias’ school today because he fell of the monkey bars at school and split open his chin. Poor boy. We both rushed down there, and picked him up and brought him to our friendly, neighborhood clinic… Since the bleeding has subsided, the wait was pretty long, well for a clinic anyways.

After the doctor looked at it, they decided that using glue would be the best route to take. Needless to say Mathias was freaked out! It took 6 grown adults to hold him down, all the while it was crying for mercy from mama and daddy with huge¬†alligator¬†tears. It was a hard job, but someone had to do it. The scab looks terrible, but we know it will get a lot better in time… So we’ll just wait and see how it heals…