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Conference and Vacation July 25, 2011

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So I am sooo excited about this vacation/conference this week. I am starting it off with another certification for my education through Western Governors University… Very excited to be back in school!

Then I’m heading over to a conference at Bethel Church this week called Revival Lifestyle, it’s a brand new conference and it looks like it will be incredible and life changing. Although I was a bit surprised by the scheduled, basically 10am to 10pm nightly! Crazy. Both Jaimie and I will be doing the course… so daycare in the day, and childcare at night. I feel bad for the kids, but they LOVE daycare…

I will post more about the conference soon…



Warf to Warf 10k July 24, 2011

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I just ran a 10k race with my sister, Tracie which was amazing! Well Jed was in the jogging stroller and Tracie’s trainer, Maryanne and friend joined us as well. And to be honest it was more walking and light jogging than running, but it was a terrific time and fun!!! I will be sore tomorrow for sure, but it was AMAZING! So excited I was invited to come along!


Burney Falls July 2, 2011

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Just a quick post to the link of the photos from our Burney Falls Trip. Our family, my sisters family and some family friends all went… 3 adults and 5 kids… not too bad… 🙂