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The good and bad of strep August 12, 2011

Filed under: Everything — Jason Olson @ 10:56 pm

So after feeling a sore throat for about a week I finally went into the doctor’s office. I thought it might have just been a virus, and I didn’t want to pump unneeded anti-biotics into the body… I waited to see if it would clear up, since most viruses start to clear up in 5 years. So… 7 days passed and it was getting worse.

I hedded into the clinic, and he was glad that I waited a bit to see if it would get better but it was a bit too long. In any event, I am now all setup with the drugs needed to kick this bacteria out of the system. Which is great, since last night it was killing me to swallow.

Lessened learned: wait a couple of days to see if it will clear up, drink water and rest…. but if that doesn’t make it better, then wait no more than 4-5 days before going in to the clinic!

Next stop, a 4 hour drive back to my parents for a reunion this weekend…