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Disney August 12, 2008

One of my favorite hobbies is learning from Walt Disney, his company and plenty of visits to Disneyland. While I’ve learn a lot about the company and the man, I know my fair share of trivia, I am by no means your best partner at the Disney Trivia Pursuit. I have enjoyed the study of the company and the park from a business perspective. To learn from their successes and failures. And what has been particularly interesting has been the study of the personal life of Walt Disney. I also was very intrigued to read Michael Eisner’s book, Camp. It was written well before the “Save Disney” campaigns, and was virtually nothing about Disney, but rather the upbringing of the man. It is interesting to see the personal life, the family man of these men.

I have another blog specifically for the Disney stuff over at http://www.dlig.org/blog – check it out at some point. Its from the point of me waiting for my next trip to Disneyland, and some of the stuff I run across while trolling around other boards, forums, blogs and news syndicates.



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