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Baby on the way May 12, 2009

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Just a quick pic to show the next little addition to our family. Due date is September 29. More information later:

Ultrasound May 2009

Ultrasound May 2009


Meeting new people May 6, 2009

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big plane over sunsetOn Monday I took a return flight from my wife’s, cousin’s wedding in Tucson Arizona — and the wedding was amazing. It was outdoor, and it reminded me of the outdoor parties from the movie Sabrina. Just an amazing outdoor party!

On my return trip from Tucson International to Redding, via San Diego, and arriving at Sacramento, I met a really amazing person on the flight. I rarely find myself in conversation with people during short flights (probably because I’m typically traveling with my family, so I’m engaged with them instead, or reading a book). But this time, I was alone since I had to return to work on Tuesday at Apex Technology.