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Tuscon Desert Museum May 23, 2009

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arizona-sonora-desert-museum1As posted previously, we took a trip earlier this month to Tucson Arizona for a wedding, and had a chance to stop by the Tucson Desert Museum. It was a blast and it was Mathias’ first trip.It is a bit of a drive out in the middle of know-where through windy mountainsides.

When we arrived, the parking lot was packed. Perhaps because at 96 degrees, it was a cool spring day?!?! After purchasing tickets we headed over to the insect and snake exhibit. We were glad to see that Mathias was a little more comfortable around snakes behind glass. He was a little jumpy at the big ones at our museum back home. There were all sorts of neat insects and there was a cool scorpion in an exhibit where you pressed a button for black light and it glowed — of course, Mathias seemed more interested in the button! Unfortunately most of the indoor pictures didn’t turn out well.

The Cactus can actually be quite beautiful with some blooming with flowers. There are other interesting things about cactus which many people don’t know, and I didn’t bother to write them down. However there are hundreds of species with various client requirements. Their biggest threat is birds who nest inside of them. However too much damage can cause them to dry out from the inside-out. When they do, they dry out and the perimeter of the larger caucuses are these long vertical ribs which run the entire length. They look like 1″ diameter poles. They are used in construction throughout Arizona. They were used for the roof of a shade structure placed at various points throughout the nature walk.

Along the walk we saw a few other animials that Mathias was very interested in:


And then, our of nowhere, Mathias happened upon these strange characters:



Tuscon Desert Museum May 5, 2009

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arizona-sonora-desert-museum1We were in Tucson this weekend visiting family for a Wedding – more on this and pictures later. But during our trip we had a chance to bring our son to the Desert Museum. It was a short drive from our timeshare at Starr Pass Resort. These pictures are from their offical website, but I’ll post real pictures from our trip when Jaimie returns home with our digital camera.

We had a great time and Mathias loved seeing all of the animals. He was also spending a lot of good time with Grandpa when he wasn’t sharing my soft-serve ice cream.