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Fearing the Lord May 29, 2009

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psalmPsalm 103: 17-18

But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD’s love is with those who fear him,and his righteousness with their children’s children-¬†with those who keep his covenant and remember to obey his precepts.

Soundbiting can be very deceptive. We see it during every politically charged event, with people having their words taken out of context and then we make assumptions on what they are trying to say from a snippit. I had that feeling with this verse, and thought about how people talk about the “feat of the Lord”. So Lord loves that we fear him? Is he someone we should be afraid of? I think the key word in these two verses is children… the balance is somewhat similar to the fear that children need to have of their earthly parents.

I love my son, and don’t want him to be afraid of me, however in order to live¬† a life within boundaries, there needs to be the understanding that I can correct and force the right way. A respect for power and authority. Children need to make right choices, but know that they’ll be corrected if they don’t.

Think of it another way, what keeps you driving on the right side of the road? The law, a common shared idea of what is right-and-wrong, fear of a ticket or an accident? But you don’t drive around being afraid of driving. You understand that their are consequences, that there is a higher authority, and if we respect that authroity, and do the right actions, there is nothing to worry about.

Let’s go back a bit further in this verse:



Keep Moving Forward August 12, 2008

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A long standing concept used by Walt Disney himself was to keep moving forward. How true this is in life. With each new trouble or situation which arises in life, we can either let it slow us down, or motivate us to press on and move forward. Open new doors and explore the opportunities. We’ve personally be through quite a rough place, from outside circumstances, to personal attacks and even down to the simple 3 emergency trips with our 2 year old to the hospital (good thing they’re close!). But yet, just like I taught our son at a very early age, pick yourself up and dust your hands off, and keep going… Keep exploring, keep learning!

And while that sounds like a good motto and mantra — it does have its critics, because it doesn’t stand up to good critical thinking — but it does stand up to good critical living! Yes, we need time to look back, reflect and learn – but we don’t need to spend nearly as much time doing it. The past is just the past. It has made us who we are, and it will shape who we become. Yet, we cannot dwell — what we do today, tomorrow and the next will shape our future even more. If we let today go by without action, because we’re looking back – that is a true waste.

Time to pickup ourselves from the situations we’ve found ourselves in and keep moving forward. And not just that, but to keep “pressing” forward, explore, investigate, play! Imagine if after a child fell for the first time, they stopped trying again out of fear?

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Walt Disney