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Just for fun – Old Shasta May 26, 2009

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Flex those grey cells! August 15, 2008

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I discovered a web site a few weeks ago which has been a great time-out from the world and gives a chance to flex those grey cells! TESTfunda is a website based in Mumbai which is designed to help students pass one of the standarized tests they have over there. They post a Question of the Week which will bring you back to the word math/logic questions you may remember from high school.

I enjoy them because it forces me to think outside of the box in solving problems — and in real life, that is something which is certainly necessary. Enjoy.

Here is one for you to try…

Once Birbal was returning from a visit to a far land when his ship capsized. He was taken prisoner by a mad king in a distant land who had heard of Birbal’s intelligence. The king wanted to see how intelligent Birbal really was. He gave Birbal two large jars – one with 50 red marbles and the other with 50 white marbles. He allowed Birbal to move the marbles around between two jars. The only condition was that each of the 100 marbles should finally be accounted for in one of the two jars.

After Birbal finished, he would be blindfolded and the two jars will be shaken. Then the king will chose one of the jars at random and give that jar to Birbal. Birbal will have to pick one marble out of that jar. If he picks a white marble, he will be set free and sent home in comfort; if he picks a red marble, he will be given 100 lashes and sent-off on a boat without food or water.

What should Birbal do to maximize his chances of picking a white marble?