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ID Theft Part 3 September 22, 2008

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The sage continues – here is an update: The SSA reported that they have had my date of birth wrong since it was originally applied for back in early 1980. I always wondered why my SSN number was higher than people younger than me. Now I know, my parents applied for my SSN number well after I was born. Prior to the 80’s SSN were not issued by default at birth, however nowadays they are. Back then, you’d need to manually apply for them. Apparently a typographical error when my initial application was submitted resulted in an inaccurate date of birth. (more…)


ID Theft Part 2 September 16, 2008

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In the San Jose Business Journal today there was an article regarding how Alliance Title will be discarding all of their old documents because it will be too costly for the bankrupt company to retain the files, which would not be financially responsible. However, there is a huge concern on how they are disposed of since these title files contain a complete workup on the identity of the people involved, from social security numbers, names, addresses, prior employers, children, maiden names, property, account numbers, credit reports – a virtual “ID theft in a box” storehouse!

Today, I also discovered what appears some identity theft on a personal level. I just received notice that our IRS tax return for 2007 was rejected because of a SSN mismatch. After spending 45 minutes on hold, I confirmed that the date of birth that the Social Security Administration has on file for me does not match my actual birthday! And to correct it, I’ll need to go down to the local field off with my birth certificate to straighten out the whole issue.

Pretty crazy stuff!