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A GREAT DEAL COMING TO THE SOUTH BAY $129 for a 7-Week Musical Theater Series for Kids August 18, 2011

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The Offer (get the deal here!)

You might think that your child is a natural actor, singer, or dancer. They can be if they hone their skills with classes at Stage Kids CA.

Take advantage of today’s special deal and pay only $129 for seven weeks of acting, voice, and dance classes ($275 value). You’ll be so proud when they grow into the next Oscar, Grammy, or Tony winner and send you a shout out from the podium. If you sign them up for classes today, the standing ovation is sure to follow!

Stage Kids CA

Stage Kids CA is a theater arts school and productions company in the South Bay. Their programs train kids from ages of eight to 14, in stage skills such as acting, voice, and dance, while developing life skills like confidence, teamwork, and responsibility.

In the seven-week session, your child will be taught by experienced, caring teachers, with lesson plans for the new and experienced alike. The focus is to help your child grow in both theater skills and life skills. Sign your child up today and imbue them with the building blocks for success in the entertainment industry – or in any field!


Learn more about the seven-week program here!

Check out the Stage Kids CA blog here!

Join Stage Kids CA on Facebook here!






My little chef May 25, 2009

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remyThis morning my little chef, Mathias, helped me in the kitchen to make breakfast this morning for the family. Actually he has helped me the last couple of days. This morning we made french toast with bacon.

Ti loves helping out by mixing the ingredients together, and the word we’ve been working on for the last couple of months is “gentle” and he’s now doing a great job. Controlled pouring is still another issues, but he’s getting better in that area too.

Mathias is great a setting up the table too, getting the syrup out of the fridge and setting the table up for where he wants everybody to sit that morning.

However, our little mister helper this morning turned the gas up the high on the bacon  grill behind my back, so before we knew it, there was smoke everywhere. And you know, these nice new houses have a smoke detector everywhere. So instantly there was 6 smoke alarms going off full throttle! And it took a while to shut them all down.

Mathias was scared at first — then thrilled. 🙂


Disneyland – Christmas 2008 December 20, 2008

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Okay, we finally made it to Disneyland this year! Our last trip for at least a long while since we’re moving an additional 4 hours away from Disneyland – making it about an 10 hour trip straight drive, but after meal and other breaks, we’re probably near 12 hours. Quite a long trip one way… But at least this trip was a blast! This picture is of our son (bottom) and our nephew (middle). We were also with some other church family members.


Boundless Playgrounds November 12, 2008

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boundlessI just learned about an amazing organization, Boundless Playgrounds. They are the first national non-profit dedicated to helping communities create extraordinary barrier-free playgrounds where children, with and without disabilities, can develop essential skills for life as they learn together through play.

You can read more about them on their website, as well as on this pdf document.