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Preventative Maintenance August 14, 2008

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It is great that our culture has ingrained in us a sense of Preventative Maintenance in many areas of our lives. We don’t always recognize the significance until someone we know neglects to perform this maintenance. Two example which come to mind is having your oil changed in your vehicle, as well as brushing your teeth (and the bi-annual teeth cleaning appointments).

We all know that a failure to perform these tasks will not cause catastrophic failure or problems immediately, but the longer we put it off for, the worse it will become. Your car can easily run a whole year without an oil change, 12,000, no problem. However your fuel efficiency goes away and you begin to do permanent damage to your engine. Same goes with your teeth, missing a brushing here-or-there will not cause your teeth to fall out, but failure to be preventative and proactive amount maintenance can really do some damage — and you cannot buy new teeth like you can with a car.

However, in many areas of our live, basically because there hasn’t been enough public awareness, we forget that maintenance can help. While I can discuss many areas, today I’ll talk about computers — they need maintenance too. On more that one instance — okay, just about every instance — I’ve been asked to look at a friends slow computer at home, and what do I discover, 5 years of caked on dust within the system. Something that doesn’t cause a lot of problem at first, just mild overheating, which might cause the fans to work harder and the system to work a little slower. But left that way for too long and you’ll end up with components which begin to prematurely break down until they start to have real noticeable failures. At that point, the damage is done – buy a new system. However, taking the system out and at least blowing out the dust once a year could prevent this from ever happening. Other things like disk fragmentation, clearing out your unneeded applications and data, each one by itself is minor, but a bunch of minor 2% slowdowns begin to add up. By the time I typically see a system, it would be faster to start from scratch instead of fixing all of the issues caused by a lack of maintenance.

Mark it on your calendar, take the system out and blow out the insides. Run a disk fragmentation software (or purchase an automated one). Stay on top of updates, and remove unneeded software. Go through you data and archive or delete unneeded data. Purge those old e-mails, funny pictures, etc. Run a manual anti-virus scan, clean out the keyboard, mouse and monitor. Go through and perform a little TLC once and a while and it will make your system last a lot longer. With proper care and attention, we’ve have had plenty of systems work strong for 7 years!

It is always faster, easier and cheeper to perform maintenance then to fix a problem after it has exploded.