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Palin in the news September 16, 2008

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Earlier this week Charlie Gibson really nailed Sara Palin in a news interview. What is interesting to note is just how much attention and scrutiny is being paid by the media on her. She is definitely not the favorite running mate for the media, and they’re looking for every angle to shut her down politically, while not appearing to be gender biased – which they’re not. I simply believe that Palin’s political stances stand counter to what the media believes.

It reminds me back to a great quote in the movie, Newsies, where the news publisher says that he tells the people (readers) how to think.

But it really is remarkable to see so much emphasis being placed on the VP-Elect. Interesting!


Fast Food in Silicon Valley August 21, 2008

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It was a close call this week as proponents of a year long ban of fast food restaurants petitioned the San Jose city council. And while I try to rarely consume fast food and I believe in free enterprise, have the proponents even done their research?

Last week Campos and other proponents of the ban cited the problem of obesity in children and said they want more information on the role fast food plays.

– San Jose nixes fast-food moratorium proposal – Silicon Valley Business Journal

Is this saying what I think it is saying? That they don’t specifically have a link between fast foot and obesity of children? Yet they are willing to take steps to prevent fast food restaurants from opening? (more…)


Defining Moments August 12, 2008

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Sometimes the defining moments of our life are found in the silence. The absence of action. The best reaction is a pause. Reacting in silence can be powerful.

We feel that an outward reaction is always necessary, specially when we’ve been wronged, but sometimes a pause, letting things lie, even for a moment, is the best, most appropriate reply.