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Time zones August 14, 2008

Filed under: Everything — Jason Olson @ 4:17 pm
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Watching the Olympic games has been very frustrating living on the West Coast. The reason is that virtually everything “live” is tape delayed by three hours. In many things this works out fine, to hear national news when I am awake instead of a 5am. However, with regards to the Olympics it has been challenging because I love to use the Internet to research information while watching. What is the world record, more info on the athletes, etc. NBC does a great job ensuring that their website stays synchronized with their “live” broadcast — for those on the East Coast who are truly watching the events unfold in real time. However since we’re delayed, when I look-up something about the Men’s Team Gymnastics, I find out the results on the home page — I didn’t want to know that! So it has made the Internet almost useless for research since I’m watching on the west coast. Perhaps they could fix their website so that it too is delayed to match the local broadcasting, by entering in our zip code or something…