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Toronto Trip #1 June 14, 2010

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I only wish that my trip to Toronto was for vacation, but even though I knew I would be working hard the entire time, I was thrilled to take the trip north. Beyond simply traveling internationally, I was able to visit some friends who live in the area. The trip started off with a very early morning trip to the airport, 5:30am to be exact because someone who sits at a desk actually thought it would be a good idea for international passengers to arrive 2 hours early, even for the first flight of the day. So what do I find at the airport… the security guard and one other person, not even anyone from the airline itself. It’s not for another hour before anyone from the airline shows up. So I get settled with my laptop and get a jump start on work and catching up with e-mails before I even depart. Fortunately Redding is such a small airport that the entire process was quick and easy…. Did I mention that the plane only holds 30 passengers?

I’ve always been slightly nervous of flying after I started my family, so I always throw up a little popcorn prayer for safety during travels. Of course, jokingly, when I saw that three of the pastors from Bethel Church were on-board, I was at ease… Of course God wouldn’t let three pastors from Bethel crashland? But I don’t seriously think that way, but it was a funny thought. And you know you’re on a small aircraft when they need to move people around the cabin to balance the plane properly.

After a very quick, but slightly bumpy flight up to SFO, I was all set for a 90 minute layover before the haul directly to Toronto Pearson International Airport. And I must say that Air Canada is a great airline to fly. Before takeoff, the staff was excellent and took the time to personally take care of everyone’s needs. I was particularly impressed with a flight attendant, Kirk K. The flight was smooth and pleasant, and the seatback entertainment systems were great. I brought by Dell D620 with extra batteries to watch movies, but the entertainment system met the need. I was able to watch Alice in Wonderland, which I had been wanted to see in the theatre, and also caught about half of How to Train Your Dragon – both excellent movies.

Before landing, I noticed that there was a video on international arrivals to Toronto Pearson International Airport, but for some reason I could only find the French version. Not knowing any French, I decided to at least get a visual idea of what I was in for… So I pressed the French version and I watched 8 minutes of moving pictures, trying to figure out what they were taking about. After all, if a picture it worth 1,000 words, then the video was going to speak louder then the voice over. Well, it wasn’t quite true in real life, but it did give me a good idea. Of course it wasn’t until after that I found the English version… Which I then proceeded to watch, which gave me a bit more information…

One thing I couldn’t figure out after I was in the terminal was why the moving walkways were used for departing passengers instead of arriving passengers. After all, we’re the travel weary people. However navigating the airport and finding my way through customs, and their friendly agents and to the baggage claim was simple. After a quick wait for the bags, and finding my bags were one of the first off the carousel, I was off to the rental car…

As I walked through the rental terminal, I was pleasantly surprised to find how short the line for my rental car, Avis, was… However that quickly dissipated when only 3 people in front of me ended up taking over an hour before I was in my rental car – and there was 3 agents plus a manager working. It sounded like there might have been a new person, and a lot of confusion, but it was absolutely crazy. With that behind me I was off to find the Holiday Inn Express which i was going to be staying in for the first part of my trip. It was as simple as navigating a maze to find the 401 freeway which is the busiest freeway in North America, reaching around a half-million vehicles in a single day. However once I entered the freeway I was surprised to find the following sign: “Express moving slowly; Collectors very slow; beyond next transfer“. I quickly double checked the directions I got from Google Maps to double check I wasn’t on some sort of a toll road. Nope, nothing on the directions, but what the heck is the express and collector all about? I was thinking about Toll Express Highways such as California SR 43 or even into Ontario Express Toll Route 407. After just a few kilometers, I discovered what it was all about. The highway is divided into two sections the express side and the collector side. Back to the 500,000 cars per day number, you’d expect that they’d need some sort of a better system to make traffic flow then just a bunch of lanes. Enter the express/collector system…. and the slew of roadsigns, such as below, which is common along the 401.

The green signs are for the Express lanes which basically go staight the entire time, and only periodically can you exit the express into the Collector side which is on the right and use blue signs.

The concept is that the Collector is used to “collect” people who are entering and exiting the freeway which is more prone to slowdowns, and crazy drivers who are trying to enter/exit at the last moment. While the express is basically drivers who just want to go straight. About ever 5 to 10km there is an chance to enter or exit the collector. There is excellent signage which keeps the Express drivers informed of when they need to move over to the collector. However, my flight conveniently placed me in the middle of rush hour traffic, so it took about 90 minutes to go 25km. It was madness. Fortunately anytime other than commute times, everything flows excellent. Another change from most of California is the abundance of overhead lighting for the freeway. You could almost drive without headlights at night and never notice it. Of course in California we have so many sky/star gazers, that they keep light pollution to a minimum. Apparently in Toronto they value road safety instead.

After a quick drive around, I found the Holiday Inn Express I’ll be spending my first three nights in. In the process I drove through the Jane and Finch area of North York which I was cautioned about. While I was not overly concerned it was interesting to find a Toronto Police Substation directly next door. The room was okay although it seems like they just cleaned the carpets which left all the floors with a funky smell. The room was comfortable and the internet was free and worked well. Speaking of free, they offer a free hot breakfast with eggs, sausage,  and the other typical continental breakfast items of toast, muffins, juice, coffee and rolls. And with that, it’s off to bed.


Push Ups – Progress Test June 15, 2009

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Pushups On The BeachThird progress test completed – 60 total – coming along quite nicely. Although I was a little disappointed overall, I was hoping to be further along – then again the first advancements are easy, and this last week was true sregnth building.

I missed last Friday because I had to leave for work very early in the morning, so my Friday routine was pushed to Saturday, and therefor I rested a full day and did the progress test today. So at this rate, I should finish week 6 by Sunday-ish, and be ready for my final progress test around Wednesday. That is, if I can make it throught the final week. Day one is 45-55-35-30-55+ Yikes!

Oh but have I mentioned how much I love this routine — hundredpushups.com


Push Ups – Progress Test June 7, 2009

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Pushups On The BeachSecond progress test completed – 50 total – half way to the goal. We were out of the house this weekend, so I being outside of the regular routine can have an effect on exercise, but I pushed myself to get up early enough to get the progress test in. I was really satisified with how the whole test felt. The first 30 breazed by, and the last 10 was challenging. 50 was my goal, I might have been able to squeeze another 2 or 3 out… maybe…

We’ll see you Monday after day 10!


Push Ups – Day 9 June 5, 2009

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Pushups On The BeachFelt great this morning. Yet we were up late again last night, still working on Mathias’ room make-over. On thing that, the only thing that  seems to be affecting me a bit is the sinus problem, which has blocked most of my nose breathing. So, it’s just mouth breathing for now, which doesn’t feel quite right, comfortable, or just plain enough oxygen. hmmm

Today I totaled: 155 push ups; with a max of: 35 – view the log here: link


Push Ups – Day 8 June 3, 2009

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Pushups On The BeachFeeling stronger today – got up a bit earlier and ready for the day. Yet we were up late last night, still working on Mathias’ room make-over. Last night we got the waves painted, and the plane crazy mickey cut out of masonite, after Jaimie drew it using chalk. It also got a coat of primer before primary painting begins today. But I digress – I was up until just after midnight, so I got a little less sleep than usual.

On thing that does seem to be affecting me a bit is the sinus problem, which has blocked most of my nose breathing. So, it’s just mouth breathing for now, which doesn’t feel quite right, comfortable, or just plain enough oxygen. hmmm

Today I totaled: 144 push ups; with a max of: 40

Woo hoo – I hit the 40 max goal!!! View the log here: link


Push Ups – Day 7 June 1, 2009

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Pushups On The BeachWhew! That was a hard one, and I didn’t increase my total, but the max went up to 35. I think I woke up a little late and was out of energy from an early dinner last night. (Not to mention we walked all around Discovery Kingdom yesterday). I’m happy with the overall progress and expect better results on Wednesday after I’m back into my weekly routine.

Today I totalled: 121 pushups; with a max of: 35

Still looking for at least 38 this week max, perhaps 40!


Push Ups – Day 6 May 29, 2009

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Pushups On The BeachAnother great week. Still getting over my shoulder and now a sinus infection – but I’m glad to be pushing through. I’ ve also made a couple of other changes to my routine: (1) I’ve also decided to start doing stretches and wall pushups on my off days – hoping that will help with the soreness; (2) I’m getting up 20 minutes earlier to do my “God time” with an electronic Bible and a glass of water – because it’s probably a better time for me to be alone with God, and because it helps me wake up and hydrate for the pushups.

Today I totalled: 122 pushups; with a max of: 30 (eh I’ve done better)

Whew, great workout, not sure why I couldn’t push through 30 today, but I know I gave it everything without hurting myself. 🙂 Off to a two day weekend, and back on the routine on Monday. Looking for at least 38 next week!


Push Ups – Day 5 May 27, 2009

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Pushups On The BeachOkay, after my shoulder problem on Monday, I woke up  with some more intense stretch, and could still feel the shoulder a little bit – but I decided to push through and see how it goes. I also wanted to try to pickup where I should be, instead of where I left off.

I pulled out the chart: 20-25-15-15->25, oh boy! So I was able to do the first set with slight pain but was able to push through. The second set was a bit of a workout, and the following two sets of 15 was able as much as I could comfortably do. But the last set called for at least 25. So I tried to keep stepping it up from prior weeks, and set 35 as my goal. A bit ambitious since I almost skipped Monday and am still in slight pain and pretty exhausted. But again, I am glad that I pushed through and was barely able to complete the 35. Woo hoo! I feel great, but exhausted. Oh and did I mentioned that I’m pretty tired?


Push Ups – Day 4 May 25, 2009

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Pushups On The BeachFirst week completed, and now I’m up to 33 consecutive during the progress test yesterday morning. However when I woke up this morning I felt something terrible under my right shoulder blade.

So after I got up, I did some stretching and tried my first set. Four push ups into my back was killing me. I had my wife massage it out a little and tried, again. No luck. But I didn’t want to give up. So I tried on my knees, still too much pain. So I conceded to do some wall push ups, simply to stretch out a bit – I worked through the entire routine with mild pain. I’ll do some more stretching tonight and we’ll see how Wednesday goes.


Push Ups – Progress Test May 24, 2009

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Pushups On The BeachOkay, so at the end of my first week I had my first progress test – how many consecutive push-ups can I perform. My goal was 30 at one time, and was able to do… 33 – so more than my goal. Although I should have push through to 35. However, staying with the program, I’m still way ahead of the curve.

I’ve also been struggling with being properly hydrated before the workout, so this morning at church I figured out the way to do it. I’ll start waking up 30 minutes earlier and doing my daily bible devotionals and prayer, along with a nice tall glass of water. And at the end of that I should be all set for the workout.

We’ll see you Monday after day 4!